A Recipe a Week: Week 4

Another week, another recipe and we’re still going strong. I feel like this challenge I’ve set for myself is definitely helping me finally cook some of the recipes I’ve flagged in the cookbooks I’ve accumulated, and so far it’s been great as far as prepping things ahead to have for lunch or dinner on busy nights.


This week’s recipe is from Three Times a Day by Marilou and Alexandre Champagne. Even if every recipe in this book was awful, I would still love it for the photography. Everything is so carefully styled and presented. The recipes are just a great, with everything from simple recipes for everyday snacks, up to showstopper desserts and really fun main courses. I’ve only made a handful of thing from the book up until now, including the Eggs Benedict & Express Hollandaise Sauce (you make the sauce in the blender, it’s so simple!), the Coconut, Almond & Dark Chocolate Bars multiple times and the Butter Chicken. I find the recipes simple to follow, I’ve only had to hunt for a few ingredients I didn’t normally buy (garam masala, I’m looking at you), and the ingredients for each recipe are broken down into categories to make assembling everything easier. For the recipe I made tonight, all the salad ingredients were listed, and then the vinaigrette ingredients were under a separate heading. I know lots of cookbooks and recipes do this, it just makes actually cooking it great.

 I expected putting together this Orzo Salad with Roasted Vegetables, Fresh Herbs & Garlic Vinaigrette to take much longer than it did in real life. Once the veggies are all chopped and in the oven, all you ave to do is cook the orzo and throw together the vinaigrette. In the 20 minutes it took the veggies to cook, I had everything else done. My other favourite thing about this recipe is that it uses winter vegetables. So often in pasta salad, you have the standard tomatoes, cucumber and peppers. Those are great, but what if you want to get seasonal veggies? That’s where this recipe comes in. Carrots, squash and celeriac are great options to cook with in the winter months.

I’ve never cooked with celeriac before this recipe. I haven’t been actively avoiding it, I just can’t find it at our local grocery store, and never think to pick it up when I’m somewhere else. Once I figured out how to peel the ugly little bugger, I was away to the races. Did you know that 1 cup of celeriac has 20% of your daily vitamin C and 2.8 g of fibre? Now you do. I have a few pieces left after measuring out what I needed for this recipe, so I’m planning to chop them up and roast them to toss in a quinoa bowl for lunch next week.

In the mean time, I have this orzo salad to keep me going for days! It makes 6-8 servings, and we had it with some leftover chicken tonight.

I feel like the recipes I’ve been making have all been pretty veggie-centered, so maybe for next week I’ll move onto something a little different. I’m sure over the next 48 weeks you’ll see at least one more recipe show up from Three Times a Day.


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