Strawberries and Coconut Cream (and a Whole 30 update)

Happy Saturday everyone! And happy Day 6 of Whole 30 for me! Today I’ve got a quick mini-recipe for you guys, and I’ll recap how the last few days have been going.

On Wednesday (Day 3), I woke up feeling ok, but by the end of the day, felt like I’d been hit by a truck. Everything hurt and I had a headache and I just felt off.  But I powered through, taking it easy at the gym, sticking to my meal plan, and drinking lots of water. Thursday and Friday were both fine, and I’m finding that sticking to Whole 30 foods is fairly straight forward, as long I’m prepared and plan ahead. It’s almost a relief to not debate about each food I eat throughout the day or bargain with myself that because I had salad for lunch and I’m going to the gym that I can eat whatever food it is that I’m craving. It’s just not an option, I don’t eat it. If I’m legitimately hungry, I always have almonds, fruit and veggies on hand for quick snacking, and if I’m just bored I make a cup of tea. Avoiding my “foods with no brakes” really puts me in control of what I’m eating, instead of fighting and caving to every single craving that comes along. Other changes are that I feel less gassy and bloated even after just a few days, which is pretty exciting!

“Foods with no brakes” are the things that we just can’t stop eating, or eat huge portions of. For me, these are anything sweet (gummies, chocolate, my boyfriend’s amazing chocolate chip cookies, etc.), potato chips, peanut butter, cheese, pasta, and fries, to name a few. While some of these foods do have lots of nutritional value, I know I can never just a little peanut butter on my toast or one small slice of cheese. These foods will be different for everyone, and might be things we know are bad, or foods that are supposed to be good for us in relatively small amounts (i.e. not a whole block of cheese). My mini-recipe today looks a little bit dessert-like, I know, but there is absolutely no added sugar, nor do I mean for my coconut cream to be a substitute for whipped cream, which would obviously be non-compliant. But if whipped cream is one of your foods with no brakes, this is a recipe to avoid. Take your strawberries and walk away. For me though, it was a way to use up some coconut cream and have a snack.



  • Strawberries
  • Chill coconut cream

Place coconut cream in bowl. Beat with electric mixer until it starts to look fluffy. If you really want more of a whipped cream, keep beating until soft peaks form. I left mine a little runny still, so I could stay on this side of dessert territory. Spoon cream over berries.


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