Whole 30: Day 1 & 2

Yesterday I officially started Whole 30. And I’m happy to say I’m still alive. So far, so good. So here’s an update on how things are going up to this point, for those who are interested.


Over the weekend, I did a fair bit of meal prep. I made mayo to use in tuna salad. I chopped some veggies and fruit. I boiled a bunch of eggs. I made “Sunshine Sauce” from Whole 30, which is awesome on the cut veggies. I don’t know about how anyone else would handle this, but knowing I had food handy that fit in the plan made me much calmer, instead of whirling around wondering what on earth I could eat.

On Monday morning, I ate 2 hard boiled eggs, a grapefruit, and 1/4 avocado. I normally have toast, oatmeal, or fruit and yogurt for breakfast, so I kind of had to brainstorm here and come up with new ideas. My breakfast options also have to be quick and easy to put together, since I have my morning routine down more or less to the minute. This works. I cut the grapefruit up the night before and just had to grab the bowl from the fridge. But then I was hungry by 10. I packed a big container of veggies and some dip, which didn’t quite hold me over until lunch. By the time it was lunch time, I was STARVING! I had tuna salad on greens (lettuce and some kale from the garden), and a whole bunch of berries. Towards the end of day, before heading to the gym, I munched on a banana and a handful of almonds, which tied me over until I got home, impressively. Dinner was burgers wrapped in lettuce with grilled veggies. And then an hour later I was hungry. Like actually hungry, not just craving ice cream. Tea and a handful of dates solved the problem.

My biggest challenge for Day 1 was really wanting something sweet around the middle of the afternoon. I’m so used to there being sweet stuff at work, either recipes being tested, or just finding something to much on, that I was really struggling. I drank a big mug of tea, which kind of helped, but I never realized I must go through this and eat mindlessly every afternoon. The tea at least helped fight the grogginess.

Today was better. I had the same breakfast and snack in the morning but I felt like they both tied me over better. There were definitely more opportunities to eat “non-compliant” foods today, but I felt very strong for sticking to the plan. It’s kind of like when you’re running an awful distance or part way into a terrible workout and you tell yourself to keep going. But it’s with food. And I have 28 days left of this marathon. For dinner, I threw a leftover burger on top of a salad, and added some avocado for some fat to keep me full. A tip from Whole 30, and from friends who have done similar diets, is that if you find you’re hungry, you’re probably not taking in enough fat. This is so counter-intuitive to someone who automatically looks for the low-fat option,  but being hungry around 8pm is a little miserable. I had way less sugar cravings and more energy today, but it might just be because it isn’t Monday. I don’t feel super deprived of anything, since I’m focusing on eating foods I like within the Whole 30 guidelines.

So, things I’ve learned so far:

  •  I will not starve in the next month. There are lots of things I can eat, even if it seems like there’s so many things I can’t.
  • I have to keep focusing on how good I’m going to feel, instead of being frustrated that I can’t eat certain foods right now.
  • Meal prep and meal planning make the whole thing so much less stressful.

Stay tuned to see how the rest of the week goes!



10 thoughts on “Whole 30: Day 1 & 2

  1. Leslie says:

    Great to read about your first two days! I find fat and starchy carbs are the only thing that maintain satiety during the whole30. Sometimes it’s so hard but it really is worth it.


  2. acobriant82 says:

    I am definitely following your blog! I am going Whole30 next week. I feel like I will have a similar experience, with eating a great breakfast only to be starving by lunch time. Sounds like you planned everything out really well tho!! Keep up the good work.


  3. diversivore says:

    Sounds like an interesting process. I do like the meal-planning aspect of it. Sort of takes some of the difficulty out of it, letting you focus on managing your response. And hooray for avocadoes!


  4. Teresa says:

    Meal prep is something I always aspire to do more of – I’m so used to going out to the markets several days a week and improvising. But, that can eat up a lot of time, so to speak! Good luck with your process. It sounds like you’re learning a lot already.


  5. Cassie Hendry says:

    Not going to lie, I read your post last week and immediately went to look up what Whole 30 is! This sounds very intriguing. It’s too bad that you’re feeling a bit hungry, but I suspect that will subside as your body adapts. I aspire to be able to do lifestyle changes like this, but in the meantime, good luck on yours Mairead! 🙂


    • Mairead says:

      Hi Cassie! Thanks for reading my posts! I’m finding that by increasing my fat a little bit, and with my body adapting, I’m less hungry, which is great!


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