Prepping and Planning for Whole 30

Hello! Quick background here, in this post I talked about why I think trying Whole 30 for a month will be good for me. If you haven’t read that, check it out, then come back and read about what I’m up to now.

Prepping and Planning for Whole 30.jpg

So, after weighing all the pros and cons of Whole 30, I’ve decided I’m starting next Monday, June 13th. While Dallas and Melissa Hartwig recommend not putting off starting, I needed some time to study up, to plan, and to wrap my head around not eating cheese/putting milk in my coffee/eating anything with sugar, etc. So, in a nutshell, here’s what my prepping and planning looks like:

  • I marked my start-date in my planner. And my work calendar. There’s no way to get out of this now.
  • I ordered and read Whole 30, the official book where all the rules and guidelines are laid out and where almost every question I had was answered. There’s also recipes! Booyah!
  • I signed up for the forum on, where there are lots of lovely people asking and answering every question imaginable.
  • I got hold of It Starts with Food through inter-library loan. I haven’t really gotten into it yet, but it lays out more the scientific basis behinds the recommendations made in the Whole 30.
  • I started telling people what I’m going to do (like in real life, not on the blog, although there’s some overlap). This will hold me accountable. If everyone wants to know how my diet’s going, I can’t exactly bail halfway through. Also, this means people will know why I’m not eating certain foods ahead of time.
  • I made a rough meal plan. It is not set in stone and it’s definitely not perfect, but it’s a rough guide for what I’ll eat next week. To find ideas, I flipped through Whole 30, hunted the interwebs for paleo recipes that sounded interesting, and brainstormed meal ideas from what I normally eat that are either already compliant, or can be with a few quick changes. From this plan, I started a grocery list, and I made a list of what needs to be prepped ahead of time. And all of this is on the fridge for easy access. I like lists. My plan is to do groceries next weekend and then set some time aside to start getting everything ready for the week.
  • When I did groceries this weekend, I started checking for things I know I’ll need for the plan next week. I was lucky enough to stock up on chicken thighs, canned tuna, and canned salmon, all on sale. This saves me a few things to buy next week.
  • I’m reading food labels more, and evaluating the foods I eat frequently. Of tonight’s dinner, grilled zucchini fits the plan. Jalapeno and cheddar sausage? Not so much. My lunch was weird leftovers from work but my snacks were Whole30-ish. Lots of cut veggies and fruit, and a handful of almonds. The only exception was a little bit of cheese. By wrapping my head around what is and isn’t compliant now, I’ll save time and stress later freaking out about whether certain foods fit or not.

Anyone have other suggestions? Words of advice? Super cool recipes you love and think I’ll need in my Whole 30 life? Leave a comment below, or check me out on Facebook!


7 thoughts on “Prepping and Planning for Whole 30

  1. Caroline says:

    Hi Mairead after reading your blog on the evening of Victoria Day ( after lots of but yummy food ) , I decided to read up what the whole30 is all about. This was the last kick I needed to start changing what I eat.
    Thanks Mairead for your post and good luck. I am on my half mark.
    Day 15. 😊😊
    Ps. Breakfast is the hardest because I love my oats. 😃


  2. janet @ the taste space says:

    I had to peak at your reasons why one would do the Whole30 because it seems so restrictive. But then again, I am a vegan and people think the same thing about what I eat! Looks like you are helping yourself to success. Curious to see what you find out after doing it.


    • Mairead says:

      Thanks for checking out my posts! I agree that it’s very restrictive but that makes it easy to follow since there’s no wiggle room for 30 days. I’m interered to see what I find out too! Stay tuned!


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