The Reality of 2 Ingredient Banana Pancakes

As I know I have mentioned before, I am breakfast’s biggest fan. Hence, pancakes. And if you have been anywhere on Pinterest in like the last year, I’m sure you’ve seen something about “2 ingredient banana pancakes”. They’re supposed to be these magical lovely light little things that are free from gluten and sugar and dairy and all that other stuff we’re terrified of. Oh, and they’re low carb and paleo. And the instructions for these little guys are EVERYWHERE!


Up until yesterday morning, I had never made these mythical pancakes. Because combining two eggs with a banana and then frying it sounded gross honestly. But in the name of science and this blog, I figured I should bite the bullet and try it out and see what happened. So I defrosted a frozen banana (this was all I had) and drained out the extra liquid. And then I mushed it up, cracked two eggs into it, and beat the whole thing with an immersion blender to make it nice and smooth and fluffy. And then I heated the pan on medium heat, sprayed some non-stick spray, and started pouring in my pancakes. The first two turned out looking like normal pancakes, but after that the pan got to hot. Not to worry, I turned it back down and managed a few more. They looked like pancakes, they must be the real thing.

Wrong. These are the strange love-child of a crepe and a fruity omelette. They’re little and fluffy and a little bit slimy and taste too eggy to really be pancakes. I really understand the appeal here: they are easy to make, they’re gluten and dairy free for those who need it and those who are on the bandwagon, and one batch has roughly 250 calories (without the syrup). They’re like little kitchen miracles. But if you really want pancakes, just make the pancakes. There are tons of healthy pancake recipes out there, including gluten free and dairy free ones and ones for every other allergy and intolerance in between.

The bottom line? I think these are kinda gross and really not worth the hype. But that’s just me. If you’ve had more success with these, or have a way to make them better, let me know in the comments!


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