Southwest Breakfast Grilled Cheese

I do not understand the weather this fall. We had a bit of snow and frost a few weeks ago. Then it rained for most of the last couple weeks. And now it’s supposed to be 20 degrees for the next day or so. What is this? In honour of the nice sunny weather, I bring you a nice sunny Southwest Breakfast Grilled Cheese.

As I’m sure I have mentioned before, I am a big fan of breakfast and could happily eat breakfast for every meal of the day. Most typical breakfast foods, especially breakfast sandwiches, don’t do so well in the vegetable department. This recipe has almost a full serving of vegetables in it, so you’re starting the day of right. If you combine that with some whole wheat or whole grain bread, low fat cheese, and low sodium salsa, you can get some serious nutrition in there. If you want things a little spicier, use hot salsa, or throw some chili powder and cumin in the with the eggs and peppers.

This recipe makes 1 serving (unless you’re super nice and decide to share).



  • 1/3 cup chopped red and green peppers (either/or will work, or whatever you have on hand)
  • 1 egg
  • 1/4 cup shredded cheddar cheese
  • 2 tbsp medium salsa
  • 1 tsp margarine
  • 2 slices whole wheat bread
  1. In a non-stick skillet, cook the peppers until soft. Set aside.
  2. Scramble the egg and cook in a non-stick skillet (I use the same one for everything, I’m not getting any extra dishes dirty). Set aside.
  3. Spread margarine on one side of each slice of bread.
  4. Between the un-buttered sides, layer the cheese, scrambled egg, peppers, and salsa. Having cheese layered throughout helps it all stick together.
  5. Place the sandwich in the skillet and cook for 2 to 3 minutes each side, or until the bread is toasty and golden brown.

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